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Full and Partial Dentures

Full and Partial DenturesFull dentures are pink acrylic bases with acrylic or ceramic teeth embeded to appear natural. Dentures fit over toothless gum tissue to provide some chewing ability and an improved appearance. Dentures are certainly an improvement over no prosthesis at all, but they have serious difficulties. The hard acrylic of the denture compresses the gingival tissue against the underlying bone and limits the amount of biting or chewing force. Dentures don’t have a perfect adhesion system, so they come loose often during inconvenient times. The lower denture is the worst for this. Dentures also have a problem with collecting food.

Partial dentures are usually made of a metal framework with pink acrylic and acrylic teeth for a patient who still has some teeth remaining. A partial denture also has advantages and problems. A partial denture can replace several missing teeth at once with considerably less expense than implants or bridges, and they still function to prevent drifting teeth. The disadvantages are that they are bulky, come in and out of the mouth, require meticulous care, retain food, can cause problems for remaining support teeth, and are not as natural looking as bridges and implants.

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