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Losing a tooth can have greater consequences than just the loss of the use of a single tooth. As a tooth is lost, adjacent teeth usually begin to drift and collapse into the empty space leaving other spaces. This jeopardizes the drifting teeth, and makes the bite uneven. It is beneficial to the long term health of the mouth to replace missing teeth.Implants are the newest and best long-term solution to tooth replacement.  The most common type of dental implant is a cylinder of metal, shaped and surface-treated to promote bone growth around the implant. The implant is placed into a hole prepared in the site of the missing tooth. The implant on occasion can be immediately fitted with an implant crown (false tooth) or more often a “healing cap”. After a period of time which is usually about 2 months, the healing cap is removed and a crown is prepared and screwed or cemented onto the implant. The dental implant in effect serves as the root of a tooth. Implants have a high rate of success. Proper selection of an eligible case is a large factor in its success.

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