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Exams and Treatment Planning

Dental ExamsThe value of a regular dental exam is often underestimated. When a patient comes into the dental office for an “exam and cleaning” usually the most important part of the visit is the exam. The cleaning helps keep calculus(tartar) build-up from occuring. The exam and x-rays however, help the dentist identify problems such as oral disease, tooth decay and even oral cancer early when a solution can be simpler and less costly. When treatment is needed especially when it is more complex, a plan allows the dentist to prioritize and sequence the treatment. This prevents unnecessary appointments and procedures and can save time, money, and teeth. When the patient is involved in the planning, follow-through is better and the result is better.

It is always such a pleasure working with Dr. Robertson. His staff is always so friendly and accommodating. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a great Dentist!